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Dec 21, 2012 by

Recently, a shooting in Connecticut that took the lives of many young children has been the topic of our news.  However, what I have seen is not mourning over these lost lives, but, instead, a statistical use of this event for the agendas of people across the nation.  This country has, for some time, been debating the use of stricter gun laws in order to keep gun crimes down to a minimum.  Now, this push for gun laws obviously has a seen benefit in light of cases like this.  However, rather than taking a few days, or even a single day, before bringing up the gun laws controversy, the news channels wasted no time before bringing up the idea that stricter gun laws are necessary.  I was watching CBS news for my information, and was shamed by how often they were bringing up gun laws.  They were treating these children not as lives, but numbers.  It is horrific and reprehensible.  This was not a week after the shooting, or even a day, but as they were getting the information, they were talking about how stricter gun laws are necessary.

There are two ways in which they do this promotion of gun laws.  The first is by turning children into numbers when shootings occur, the second is not reporting stories that would obviously show that gun laws would not solve the problem.  On the 15th of this month, China experienced an attack on one of its own schools.  The attack consisted of a knife-man who stabbed an elderly woman, and then ran to a nearby school and stabbed 22 children.  A few things should be mentioned about this attack.  China has strict laws on guns, to the point where guns and gun crimes are almost non-existent.  This took place in a similar way and at a similar time as the shooting here in America.  There had already been a series of attacks on schools in China dating back to 2010, so security was posted outside the school.  While the world turned its eyes to the American shooting, no one payed attention to the Chinese stabbing.  Admitting, only the elderly woman appears to have died in china.  However, think of how much damage could have been done had security not been outside the building.  If a person can stab 22 children before security in the building can get to them, do guns seem all that dangerous?  If somebody wants to do something enough, they will always find a way to do it.  The way to prevent shootings and stabbings is not to take away the weapon.  I would argue that security would be the means of stopping these events, but the Chinese example does not seem to back me up.  The only thing I can point to is that the security was the difference between 22 stabbed and 22 killed.  But, I have no proof to support that.

While I agree that this issue needs to be discussed in America, the question over whether or not we should impose stricter gun laws, I disagree with the method by which the news does it.  They make the debate most prevalent the moment shootings occur and do not report on similar events that happen due to other weapons.  They see it as a statistic to bolster their argument, not a discussion over lives, security, and freedom.  We may lose our lives when we allow dangerous people or weapons on our streets, but we lose our humanity when we allow those things to scare us into laws, regulations, and prisons of our own making to keep us “safe” but not free.

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