Is America a Melting Pot or a Toy Box?

Nov 12, 2012 by

The voting blocks of the election last Tuesday speaks to the diversity of culture in America.  Diversity, that sounds like a nice word, but in the realm of principles, it can be deadly.  For this I would use the Civil War as an example.  No matter what you believe the true motives were, it is clear that the division among principles was the reason for the war.  The South believed in the right to own a slave and that power should rest in the State government with a weak central government to keep the states together.  The North believed in the right for all people to be free and that power should rest in a strong, central government with smaller state governments under its authority.  Either difference of principle leads you to the same result, the Civil War.  The Civil War was fought because the two sides had irreconcilable differences in the principles that this country should follow.

Now, let us look to our own time.  A new fight is brewing.  The cause is the extreme political differences in principle that have arisen from cultural diversity in America.  This is a problem from the lack of assimilation, as I see it.  Look at the regions that tend to be more liberal.  The North-East, Ohio Valley, and the West Coast.  These three regions have one thing in common, during the late eighteen hundred, early nineteen hundreds, and even recently, these regions saw explosions in immigration from places with different cultural backgrounds.

This difference has caused a problem for capitalistic societies.  Capitalism believes that the private sector should deal with the need for aid in a community.  However, people are more willing to aid people of their own culture rather than people of a different culture.  Take, for instance, the recent needs of the east coast and the needs that had arisen in Haiti.  I am just speculating, but in relation to damage caused, I have a feeling that more will be given in the private sector to the needs of the east coast than were given to Haiti.  This is because people feel a strong brotherly connection to the east coast because of our cultural ties to them, were as Haiti is a stranger in need.  Now, imagine this problem plaguing a community.  When a particular culture is hit with a problem, the other cultures in the community are slow to give aid to it, and vice-verse.  This makes a problem for the capitalistic system of handling things.  Thus, these communities find a different way to deal with their needs for aid.  If culture no long binds these people, the only thing that is left is, unfortunately, government.  The DNC movie at their convention is speaking to these regions.  When cultures are different, government is the only thing we have in common.  Thus, this alternative to the Capitalistic system arises where the government handles aid as it sees the need arise.  Thus, the lack of assimilation has caused this to take place in certain regions.  Other regions that do not have assimilation problems have not changed from their capitalistic beliefs, and thus maintain their original principles.

This difference in beliefs may not lead to the bloodshed of the Civil War, but it will lead to a political war none-the-less.  War will break out were people take heated political sides and chastise anyone who disagrees with them as mindless idiots.  When there is no base principle for discussion, there is no remedy for disagreement.  When no remedy exists, and there are only two main beliefs, war will break out in one form or another.  It may not be violent, but it will be war none-the-less.

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