Multiple Infinities

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Since the time of the Scientific Revolution, Society has slowly come to believe that only what we can witness is true, and what goes unseen is not.  However, this trend is because we have lost sight of how our intellect can grasp what our imagination cannot.  Our imagination is based on what we have witnessed in this world.  Our mind manipulates things it has seen in order to create new scenarios.  Yet there are certain limits to our mind that we cannot grasp.  For instance, you cannot imagine a color that doesn’t exist.  You cannot imagine a dimension that doesn’t exist, or at least that you do not perceive in some

A Chiliagon A 1000 sided polygon

way.  Our mind is limited.  However, these scenarios are of things that don’t exist.  Well, what about a chiliagon?  Can you imagine a one thousand sided polygon?  You can imagine a polygon with a lot of sides, but can you imagine a polygon with exactly a thousand sides.  As we can see, there are limits to our imagination.  We can understand what a chiliagon is thanks to our intellect, but our imagination will never be able to help us in regards to picturing this object.

Now, we can witness a chiliagon in real life.  This does not real damage the idea of what we can witness is true, but merely our imagination.  However, an easy example can be given of something we cannot witness, but everyone knows exists.  Infinity.  An amount that is beyond count.  This is something impossible to fully grasp.  If I told you to imagine infinity, you would never be able to do it.  If I told you to go out and witness infinity, you would die before it ever happens.  Infinity is not something that can be witnessed, only something that can be understood as happening.  An easy example of this can be given.  How many numbers are between 1 and 2?  The answer is there are an infinite amount.  1.1, 1.01, 1.001, 1.0001, 1.00001… and so on.  This chain is infinite.  However, because we know the chain exists with no end, we understand that infinity exists.  Yet, we never perceived infinity.  We never perceived any of its effects.  We never perceived anything beyond a small chain of numbers.  Yet, here we can conclude infinity.  Now, let me take this a step further.  Imagine the numbers between 1 and 3.  There are an infinite amount here as well.  However, there seems to be something which I will refer to as a greater infinity than the infinity between 1 and 2.  This is because all of the numbers between 1 and 3 include the numbers between 1 and 2, 2 itself, and all of the numbers between 2 and 3.  This is more than twice the amount of numbers.  However, it is still infinity.  So, our intellect is telling us, not only there exists an amount beyond even our possible perception, but that there are multiple amounts of this number, some greater so less.  This idea is amazing when you think about it.  We in no way perceived the infinite.  We can test our theory in no way.  Yet, in spite of that, there can be little doubt that it is true.

Thus, the true measure of what is true and isn’t should not be that which we perceive.  For that which we perceive is merely a collection tool.  What we should judge this all on is our intellect.  For it combined with our perception can understand more things than our perception ever could alone.

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