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Perception.  Perception is one of the things which we all have an understanding of, but few of us realize exactly how much our perception actually constrains us.  We all understand how perception can be constraining.  I enter a wrong door down an alley way in time to see someone pull a gun out and shoot another person.  My perception leads me to believe that I have just witnessed a murder.  However, in reality, I have just witnessed the third act of a new play.  My limited perception kept me from seeing the true and overall picture of what was going on.  People can understand how perceptions can be constraining, but they must think of the broader picture.  Everything is perception.  Everything we receive is from our senses.  Moreover, everything is based off of our limited amount of knowledge.  Take, for instance, the Copernican Theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  Well, this is based on a perception.  If you have a working, spinning model of the universe, and you held the earth as the stationary point as opposed to the center claimed by science, then everything would revolve around the earth.  Granted, scientific theories of gravity and the like play into our understanding.  However, it does not change the simple fact that perception has so much to do with the way we perceive the universe.  I mean, how do we know that any area in space is fixed?  Because we do not know everything about space, we do not know if anything is fixed.  Now, imagine if, it turns out, we discover the boundaries of space and are able to see where everything is relative to those boundaries.  Imagine if we do this and discover that Earth is the only motionless object relative to those boundaries.  This may seem absurd, but let me point back to the model.  If some small human was on the earth you were holding, and did not know the boundaries of the room you were in, they may come to the same conclusions as scientists.  When you hold earth still and let the model keep spinning, the patterns do not change, only which point is stationary.  Thus, the little man would only know what we know today about the universe, and come to the same conclusion that the earth revolves around the Sun.  That is because of his perception, as we are slaves to ours.

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