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Reason is what makes Man human.  Pure Instinct and Passion are that which make the animals which walk the earth unquestionably less than us.  Instinct and Passion are the desires to do that which is beneficial to us.  However, they lack the knowledge of ‘how’ which Reason provides.  Thus, when abiding by them alone, one does what is easy, short-sighted, and self-beneficial.  It is when Instinct and Passion are derived from one’s own Reason that one is greater than mere man who must choose either Instinct and Passion or Reason.  However, when Instinct and Passion are derived from one’s own Reason, one cares not for being greater then either Reason or Passion alone.  There is no duality of greater or lesser.  When Reason becomes Instinct, the world only is, there is no value.  The duality is destroyed.  There is no more greater or lesser because Reason dictates not to value the world, for we are no strong measure of value, but merely accept it and do what we Reason as true.  Thus, with this Reason fueled Instinct, one may transcend mere man.  One no longer has a choice between Reason and Instinct, they merge into the same impulse.

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