Reason: Our Guiding Force (Part 2)

Aug 30, 2011 by

Now, in the last edition, we narrowed down our Guiding Force to a force that should be within ourselves.  Now, we must analyze the three forces that are left:  Passion, Instinct, and Reason.

Passion and Instinct share a common feature which Reason does not, they are subconscious.  They are not something which we actively think of.  They are things that are in the back of our mind, undetected and not easily accessed or changed, which push us to want, desire, and gravitate towards certain actions and ideas and away from others.  This is unlike Reason.  Reason is very much a conscious force.  We actively use it, question it, are aware of it, and our very definition of Reason, “the part of our brain that weighs pros and cons, thinks ahead, questions itself, and things of that nature,” leads us to know that Reason is a force which is active in our minds, not passive like Passion and Instinct.  Thus, now the division should be made between conscious and subconscious forces.

Now, the main difference between our conscious and subconscious forces is that we actively use and can with ease change the former, but passively use and only with great difficulty change the later.  This is a big difference.  Is it not better for a force to be within our control?  Only if that force is fallible is this a benefit.  For, if it is fallible, then we must be able to question it.  But, if it is infallible, then control means nothing.

Then since it is obvious that the sub-conscious forces are fallible.  Acts of passion result in wrongful murders.  Instinct rarely cares for those around you, on its own.  These forces very much are fallible.  Now, reason seems to not be fallible.  Reason seems to result in the correct actions given the circumstances and information.  It is when people act according to Passion and Instinct, in fact, that people act horribly.  Thus, it is clear that Reason is far better then Passion and instinct.  For even though it is infallible, it questions itself none-the-less,  while Passion and Instinct are fallible and go unquestioned by anything save Outside Forces and Reason.

Now, some who oppose me will point out that Reason IS in fact FALLIBLE.  They will point to instances of “Reasoned” decision that turned out badly.  Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin all “Reasoned” their actions.  Yet, they were horrible and wrong even in the circumstance all the same.  And, there are instances where individuals who acted on Passion/Instinct acted heroically and very wisely.

To this I must point out that there is an A-symmetrical relationship between Reason and Passion/Instinct.  Passion/Instinct can raid Reason.  They can come in and guide your “reasoning” to what they desire rather then what Reason would conclude.  Reason, on the other hand, can take prisoners and colonize Passion/Instinct.  Reason can mold your Passion/Instinct after itself.  The people who do this are the one’s who act heroically and wisely without decision.  They want to do what is right.

Thus, it is clear now, that Reason should be our Guiding Force.  Reason, unlike the subconscious forces, can be questioned and is active in your mind.  Reason also is Infallible.  It is only fallible when the other forces raid its camp or when there is not sufficient knowledge.  Reason, also, can train the other forces, to do its will.  Reason. should clearly be, our Guiding Force.  And now, my analysis on Government may continue on this basis.


  1. The End is Near

    If reason was infallible, why would we let passion, instinct, or other forces raid it? Would that not be unreasonable? Please clarify.

  2. Gerber

    Because our conscious is not in complete control. This is an article on how we should be guided, not necessarily how we ARE guided. Reason is something we choose to do, not something we are born always using.

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