The Abyss

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So many people put emphisis on belief in facts.  Professors of Science in Colleges criticize people for believing the Earth as the Center of the Universe.  Now, while this belief may be true, to criticize these people as idiots on the basis of evidence seems a little far fetched.

Now, many scientists claim that people who believe the Earth is the center of the Universe are idiots because there is SO much evidence to the contrary.  Well, let us evaluate the evidence.  On one side, some people believe it because they are told by someone or read it into their religion that the Earth is the center of the Universe.  However, let us now examine the Evidence that these people have to the contrary: Scientists say the Earth isn’t the center of the Universe.  Well, it seems that these two things cancel eachother out.  Or, religion wins because it is always more reasonable to believe a divine being that could merely be a human who is decieving you into believing there is a divine, than to believe a human who could be decieving you that he has EVIDENCE to believe that it MIGHT be as he says.  But, let us take it as they cancel each other out.  Let us now examine the evidence that the individual has for his belief.  The Earth, from his perspective appears stationary.  Indeed, when you are walking, do you not feel wind in your face?  When you are walking, do you not feel like you are in motion?  Where is this wind and sense of motion for the Earth?  Also, when you look up at the stars, without a preconcieved notion, it is as if the moon is moving, not you.  It is as if the Sun is moving, not you.  We see the sun “TRAVEL” across our sky, as we say.  We, without thinking about what scientists tell us, believe that the SUN is moving and WE are stationary.  We don’t, with our own senses, have any reason to believe anything contrary to saying that the earth is Stationary, and everything else is moving.  Thus, we are reasonable in believing the Earth is the center of the Universe.

Indeed, let us look at Science for a minute.  Their standard, as posed in their arguments, for evidence is things that we know for fact.  Well, Scientists take for fact that our senses are telling the truth.  Can they, with such a high standard, view the senses in this way?  I mean, prove that there is a computer in front of you right now.  Well, I see it, I hear the noise of the engine, I can feel it with my hands.  Now, how do you know that there isn’t some Evil Demon, as Descartes posed in his writings Meditations, that is able to decieve you into believing things in front of you which are not actually there.  How do you know you are not just a brain in a vat that is being stimulated by a computer into believing there are objects in the world.  For, senses relay stimulus to the brain, could this not be replicated without the senses?  It happens in your dreams.  How does Science get around this obsticle?

Indeed, they criticize people who believe that the Earth is the center of the Universe for their lack of “Evidence” when, in reality, they have more evidence to believe in it than not.  Moreover, Science poses these things that it claims as Evidence, but has no proof that this evidence actually exists.  How do we know that the world is not just a dark abyss?  Many believe in leaps of faith, which would be necessary here for science to continue.  However, to admit a leap of faith, would mean science cannot PROVE people who take leaps of faith wrong.  Does that mean Science can only say what the evidence points to and not criticize people on their beliefs?  Does this mean Science cannot criticize people for assumptions?

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