The Ban on Semi-Automatic Rifles

Oct 9, 2013 by

In California, laws are being passed that would make it illegal for anyone to carry a semi-automatic weapon with a detachable magazine or with a fixed magazine that holds more then ten rounds.  What does this mean?  This means that most of the rifles currently in the market would be banned.  However, this speaks to a larger issue, personal rights.  The reason that this bill is being passed is that it is seen as necessary to protect people against gun violence.  The idea is that if guns are harder to get, less people will use them in crimes.  However, this practice of prevention is not the role of government.  The government’s job is not to prevent people from harming one another, it is to punish those people who do.  When the government steps in and says, “WE will make decisions for you so that you don’t get hurt.”  What happens is your right to choose has gone away.  When you no longer have the right to choose, you have given up the right to self-government.  When you give up the right to self-government, you have resigned yourself from freedom.  However, this isn’t people willingly saying, “Oh mighty government, take our rights away.”  This is the majority of people telling the minority that there right no longer exists.  The will of the majority supersedes the rights of the minority.  And, when the rights of the minority disappear, tyranny sets in.

You see, this action of the majority determining the fate of the minority without regard to minority rights was debated before.  This debate was a large part of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  In it, Douglas argued that the territories of the US have a right to vote on whether or not slavery should be legal within the territory.  The will of the majority is justice.  This is Democracy.  However, Lincoln countered this by stating that Democracy is the will of the majority with the protection of the rights of the minority.  For, when the rights of the minority can be taken away at the will of the majority, a tyranny has formed.  And under a tyranny, no Democracy can exist.  This is the tyranny which we are providing for ourselves today.  The right to have weapons is not a right born our of hunting or personal protection from thugs, but a right born out of the knowledge that governments are naturally oppressive.  And, when a government becomes overly oppressive, the right to revolution must be invoked.  However, a government established does not easily give up its power.  Thus, the people must be armed in case the issue must be forced, to free us from tyranny once more.  It has been in the interest of every oppressive regime and tyranny to ban weapons, not on the grounds of the safety of the people, but on the grounds of the safety of the government.  What are your thoughts on California’s gun laws?

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