The Cliff

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Imagine that you are in Ireland, watching a herd of sheep grazing the field.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sheep are startled.  They begin to break out into a run.  You watch as the leader of the herd leads it straight over a nearby cliff.  You watch as every sheep in the herd follows the one in front of it over the cliff.  As you stand there, you begin to think that you are better because you know you would never follow someone off a cliff.  However, how many people in the world are guilty of that exact thing?  What beliefs have you made for yourself?  I do not refer to beliefs where you agreed with what you were told, I refer to ideas in which you went out and heard both sides.  I refer to beliefs where, knowing that either side could be right, you made an honest decision about what IS right.  How many beliefs do you have that you can honestly say were not influenced by someone you thought to be smarter or better then you?  How many people made their political beliefs based upon what their parents or their teachers said?  Too many.  The trouble with the world today is that most people no longer think about the issues for themselves.  No one really cares anymore about what the issue is.  When it comes time for voting, they think of who is in power, how their life has changed since that person was in power, and then votes either Republican or Democrat based on that.  And most of those who do not do that, do something even worse, they vote Republican or Democrat no matter how bad or good things are.  In either case, the person is no longer thinking about the issues, the person is thinking about the party.  The person is no longer electing the best person for the job, but the person with an R or a D.  That is the fall of America.  It is not one’s reason that guides one’s self anymore, it is the herd.  It is not reason that guides a nation, but popular likes.  And, when this herd is what we follow, rather then our reason, are we not sheep, following one another over the cliff?  Would not a person watching objectively call us idiotic, as we do the sheep?


  1. Athena

    How can you be so certain that “this is the fall of America”? I see this more as a rant than anything. How can you say that no one thinks for themselves? I don’t know if this post was mainly to rile people up, but I think it could use a bit refining-especially in explaining WHY particularly people should think for themselves. I think you say that people should think for themselves in the sense that they will not follow the herd, but how does that necessarily save yourself or save America?

  2. Gerber

    People go along with what their party says is right. When people begin to think on a personal level, they have control over their lives. Right now, we are losing control over our nation because no one is thinking. The politicians are trying to get re-elected, and the people are going with what they were always told to believe. No one is thinking, as a result, no one is acting. If you think people are thinking for themselves rather then doing what others tell them, that is a naive view. Doing what you know is right is better then doing what others tell you is my proof. Thus, the burden of proof that this is false is on your shoulders, not mine.

  3. Lot

    But Gerber, although it is true that people are not thinking in the best interest of what is right for the nation as a whole, they ARE still acting. The problem is that they are acting according to impulse and self interest. They think that by electing all these idiots with empty promises they’ll get what they want, but in reality no one has money to give them what they want. Although the way people are brought up and taught does affect how the choose to vote, it is not the sole reason why people are the way they are. The reason people keep electing idiots is because they think they’ll actually get what their candidates promise them! It is the selfish and self centered attitude everyone has that is causing such turmoil. Nobody wants to stand up and do the right thing and accept that they are wrong.

  4. Gerber

    I think that the people vote based on either what their party tells them or how their lives are in relation to the party in power. My problem with what you have said is “they think they’ll actually get what their candidates promise”. That makes it sound as though what the people want from their candidates is the right thing. That the people are Reasoning, but are too trusting. My whole argument is that there is a strong drive in our society to react to either the situation or what people tell us, rather then act and Reason. Those who act on passion are reacting to the situation to try to get what they want. The only one’s acting are those who are actively trying to Reason the best idea, side, and course of action to take. Thus, our problem is not that they believe politicians, but that they are reacting when they elect politicians.

  5. Anonymous

    No, I said that they are too self centered to care about what is right for the nation! There is a lack of proper morality. I don’t believe the people are reasoning at all! I said they are acting out of impulse as a reaction to their desires. They don’t care if it’s right or wrong, so long as they get what they want.

  6. Gerber

    Then you agree with me, in essence. I agree that people are self-centered. I just think that it is mere reaction to what people tell them and the state of affairs in the nation that chooses who they vote for. I do not think that they even really try too hard to decide who would be best to fulfill their self-centered goals. They merely believe, as you stated, what the politicians tell them. I think that if they started to think about who to vote for and why, then our nation would begin to be on the right track.

  7. Lot

    Yes, essentially we agree on the same thing but our views differ on which has more of an impact. Also I agree with you on the solution but we also need more people to run as candidates because most of them aren’t particulary the best of people to begin with. Maybe it’s just me but when people running for any political position start attempting to appeal to the masses by claiming they can fix an issue which clearly will not be fixable within their run of office, I grow suspicious of them because they all have their own agenda.

  8. Gerber

    There is a Demotivational poster, which I love to quote, that reads, “Congress: Defending the status quo long after the quo has lost its status.” That is essentially the problem. Run too many candidates, it becomes a popular election and anyone can win. End result, we turn into Parliament. Too many extremes get elected. The solution is that we need change hearts and minds. It starts with thought, but we have to convince others. We have to change the Status Quo nationally more then by simple majority, then politicians will come along.

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