The Status Quo: Long after it has lost its Status

Aug 9, 2011 by

“Congress:  Defending the Status Quo, long after the Quo has lost it’s Status.”  -Demotivational Poster

This quote very much illustrates the problem facing our country today.  The Status Quo, to the Government, is expansion.  However, we now need to reduce the size of Government.   OurGovernment wants to defend this status of expansion, even now when we are in need of a change of course.  The National Debt is increasing while our Economy is still in the tank.  The Government is racking up debt, trying to increase taxes, trying to spend more, and trying to increase regulations and power.  This is in line with a Socialistic Economy, not a Capitalistic one.  As a nation, we need to decide on the correct course of action:  either Socialism or Capitalism.  For now, since it is the foundation of our country, we shall look at it from a Capitalistic approach.  (At a later date I plan to compare the economics of Capitalism versus Socialism to the see which we should choose).

The first step to a Capitalistic Economy is outlined in the phrase “Laissez-Faire“.  This is a French phrase which translates to “let us be.”  This idea of Economics centers around the idea that Government should let the Economy alone.  Adam Smith, the founder of Capitalism, believes in the “invisible hand of the market” to govern an economy efficiently.  For the Capitalist, Laissez-Faire Government is ideal.  It best allows the “invisible hand” to act.  There are several different aspects of a Capitalistic Society that need to be addressed in this nation, which will be discussed in a future article.  For now, let us examine the Government aspect.

In order to be a Capitalist Society, we must let the market govern itself.  This means a reduction in the size of Government.  Here comes the problem.  How do we slay what Friedrich Nietzsche calls “The great dragon”?  In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, he says that ‘Thou Shalt’ is the name of the great dragon. …sparkling with gold – a beast covered with scales; and on every scale glitters a golden, “Thou shalt!”  Nietzsche may be talking in terms of the individual, but this Dragon applies to the market versus Government as well.  The Government has become this great dragon.  It tells us where our taxes are to be spent.  It continues to grow in power as it adds regulations and spending.  The capitalistic economy is what opposes this dragon.  With every victory, this great dragon gains another scale of gold.  We must descale this Dragon.  Nietzsche knows the solution.  “I Will.”  The people, the invisible hand of the market, must tell and change the Government to do THE PEOPLE’S will rather then that of the dragon ‘Thou Shalt.’  The people must change the government to reduce its influence.  They must beat this mighty dragon and free the market.  Only then will we have a return to Capitalism.  It will be a tough fight, but, if we, the people, will, then the Government will adopt reduction and the Laissez-Faire approach as it’s new Status Quo.

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