World War III

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     In the time leading up to World War II, several major events occurred.  Germany lost World War I, ‘The Great War’.  This lost cost them several things.  They lost their colonies.  Their economy tanked.  Finally, their government structure was replaced.  From this, Germany rose again.  They elected a new leader, Adolf Hitler.  Hitler held bigoted views towards Blacks and Jews.  Also, Hitler was bent on the expansion of Germany.  Europe was still in shock from the last war.  Most of Europe wanted to avoid another war at all costs.  World War I felt like a ghost on their shoulders.  Thus, when Germany invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia to ‘unify the German people’, Neville Chamberlain was willing to negotiate and allow Germany to have these territories on the pledge that that was all that Germany would acquire.  Finally, Germany invaded Poland, thus beginning World War II.

     Now, let us recount the events leading up to today between Russia and the United States.  Following the end of the Cold War, Russia lost several things.  They lost much of their eastern and southern territories.  Their economy is still suffering.  Their government has had a major overhaul.  From this, Russia is rising again.  They elected a new leader, Vladamir Putin.  Putin holds bigoted views on homosexuals.  Putin is an expansionist having made attempts to claim Georgia and now parts of Ukraine in the interest of ‘protecting the Russian people’.  The United States, having just exited the Cold War and bearing that ghost, is skeptical about another conflict with Russia if it can be avoided at any cost.  Both Presidents Bush and Obama have attempted to negotiate in order to end hostilities.

     Now, I am not claiming that a war of any kind will break out between Russia and the United States.  All I am saying is that things are eerily similar to the beginning of World War II.  And, for those who think that this will be another Cold War, know that the difference between the Cold War and this new war will be that in the Cold War, we fought Communism’s spread.  We fought a war with Vietnam and Korea to stop the spread of communism.  We never engaged Russia directly because the war was not a direct one.  Now communism is fallen, and the goal is not to spread communism, but Russian dominion.  Thus, a war with Russia CANNOT be a Cold one.  If it happens, it will be very real and a very direct war.  By the nature of the two nations and their allies, should Russia and the US continue down this path, this very well could turn into World War III.

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