Misogyny in the 21st century

May 26, 2014 by

Last Friday, a young man killed six people and injured seven more on a rampage targeting those whom he thought deserved to suffer and die “for the crime of having a better life than [him].”  Some say it is the work of a “mad man,” but others reject this, saying that it is a slight to the mentally ill and it masks the deeper problem of misogyny in our society.

It is hard to ignore the hateful language and intentions of the man who killed.  A mentally ill person does not reason in such a way to plot and kill his supposed enemies.  Just because society does not overtly accept this man’s line of reasoning does not mean he did not have one. Before his rampage he had posted several videos on YouTube and wrote a manifesto about how he hated women because they rejected him and “deprived him” of a satisfying sex life.  Women, he said, are attracted to the wrong type of men- the obnoxious jocks- when they should be attracted to him- the “supreme gentleman.”

This is an extreme example of a man who could not stand being relegated to the so-called “friend-zone”:  a place to be avoided at all costs when interacting with women (because who on earth would want to be friends with a woman?!).  He thinks of himself as a “nice” guy but calls women sluts and whores when they don’t date or sleep with him.  It’s as if women owe it to him.  It is sick, and everyone recognizes it as sick when it has such a terrible outcome such as this one.  But this man is not the only one who has ever felt this way.  Many men seem to think that just because they put themselves out there and ask a woman out, that woman is somehow obligated to say yes.  Women who turn them down and then later say yes to other men are cruel and unfair; they are depriving them of what they deserve.

This is undoubtedly heavily misogynistic, but it also a result of the type of society that praises people for effort and not results, that gives every child a trophy and medal just for participating.  The man participates by asking, so the woman should reward him with her “sex, love, attention, adoration.”  Women are seen as prizes and it is sick.  It is sick when women are taught to give fake numbers or pretend to have a boyfriend rather than say no, just so that men won’t have to feel rejection, because there is no telling what a rejected man might do in retaliation.  It is even more sick when people say that they “don’t blame guns, [they] blame blondes,” or say, “see girls, this is what you get for treating nice guys like shit.”  It is sick, it is sick, it is sick.  No one deserves to die for saying no.

This kind of attitude and behavior is intolerable.  Why men tend to blame women who reject them instead of looking at their own character and what they might be lacking, I don’t know.  What I do know is that is has and had dangerous consequences for both women and men who fall victim to this faulty reasoning, and it should not be taken lightly.




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