Troubles in the House

Aug 1, 2012 by

This evening over dinner my brother brought forward a proposal to change the chores that everyone does around the house.  His points were that the jobs are not evenly distributed, and that some people are not doing their jobs.  Both those points are true and valid.  He came up with a list of new chores for everyone, and immediately the table erupted with complaints (I should say that I have a big family, so this was a very loud eruption).  At first it seemed like a noble cause, but everyone’s suspicions at the change in the status quo ended up causing a huge argument among the whole family.  No one was willing to take on new responsibilities or recognize that other family members’ contributions were no small thing.  In the end, no satisfactory agreement was reached, and everyone was riled up and annoyed.  Does this sound familiar?  What are we supposed to do when we see that change is necessary but no one is willing to sacrifice for that change?  If my family cannot even work together to make our home a better place, how can I expect the country to do just that?

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