Would You Rather?

Sep 2, 2011 by

Would you rather have democracy or virtuous leaders?

Would you rather have public education or quality education?

Would you rather have more cash in your pocket or more services provided for you?

Would you rather meet a person who says nice things or who does nice things?

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  1. The End is Near

    The democratic form of government is the only type that can produce a steady stream of virtuous leaders. Authoritarian by the vary nature of absolute power will become corrupt. We are not angels. Divine Right may at times produce a virtuous leader but the offspring of the hereditary monarch may not. Then the people are stuck with a bad ruler. Only the democratic form allows the people the opportunity to filter out those not worthy.

  2. Heather Malone

    Democracy may allow people the opportunity to filter out those whom are not worthy, but that doesn’t mean that the people will do that. Based on historical evidence, the people who get elected tend to be purposely less intelligent, because being intelligent makes you part of an ‘elite,’ and Americans don’t like that. People who have the ability to get elected should in no way be allowed to be involved in politics because they are loud, pugnacious suck-ups with questionable motives (at best), this being proved by the fact that they can win. The founding fathers certainly did not make this country democratic, we started out as a republic, although ever since then we have pushed further and further towards democracy.

  3. Gerber

    It is not true that the American System purposely elects people who are less intelligent. The first President was an elite General from Virginia. The Second President was a Lawyer from Massachusetts. The Third and Fourth Presidents were intellectuals from Virginia. In the beginning we elected people based on intellect. Recently, President George W. Bush was insulted for being an idiot, President Barack Obama was elected with people thinking him to be an intellectual. It is not a purposeful occurrence to elect leaders who are not intelligent. In the beginning, leaders were both intelligent and seen to be so. Now, Leaders are just seen as intelligent. However, it is not an intent to elect dumb leaders. It is like the drunk who wakes up with the girl from last night. When he was in the drunkenness of the moment, she was beautiful and amazing, but when he sobers up, she is nothing more then an ugly drunk. The leaders we elect we like to believe are great, but, in the end, merely reflect ourselves. The beginning of this nation consisted of people who were politically intelligent, thus the representatives were likewise. Now, we THINK we are politically intelligent, but in truth, we are the drunk. We elect leaders whom we think are better, but turn out to reflect ourselves. And yet, we do not even think to change who WE are.

  4. Jesse Harris

    Gerber – You take a chronological approach to American democracy. You rightly, I think, point out that the caliber of our leaders has deteriorated over the past two hundred years. In that time has the franchise expanded or contracted? Were Washington, Adams and Jefferson elected by a more republican nation with a more restricted electorate? Weren’t Bush/Obama elected during periods of wide enfranchisement (greater democracy)?

    You are correct, I think, that our leaders reflect the electorate. So, the question becomes, historically has a more constricted republicanism or a broader democracy produced the more virtuous leadership?

  5. Jesse Harris

    Why can’t public education be quality education?

  6. Gerber

    I think the question would be better put, if I am on the right track:
    Would you rather have a poor public education for the masses or a enriched private education for the few?
    The Heather Malone would have to agree or disagree for that to be correct, but I think that is where the train of thought is.

  7. Heather Malone

    The question is for you to interpret, I wouldn’t qualify it by changing it to what Gerber said.

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