Would You Rather? II

Jun 16, 2012 by

Would you rather be judged by your race or by your gender?

Would you rather pay for your healthcare and choose your own lifestyle, or would you rather someone else pay for your healthcare who gets to decide how you live?

Would you rather rent your home or have a mortgage on your home?

Would you rather have a mentally retarded person under your care or a physically handicapped person (the mental illness being equitable to the physical disability)?

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  1. joeltaylor1989

    The first question seems rather idiotic. The other loaded questions allow debate, this one kills debate because you are asking a trick question in the sense that you are not allowing any debate on the issue.
    The second question I would say I would rather have someone else pay, and take out a life insurance policy for the one I love, I have lived a long enough life and if someone is paying for me, they would want me dead as soon as possible.
    I would rather rent because of my financial position. If paying off a mortgage was possible in a reasonable amount of time, I would go with that because of investment opportunities over the long run, but I am not in that position yet, so I have to say rent.
    I would rather have a physically handicapped person under my care. A mentally handicapped person generally has the same physical handicaps in the sense that they can’t feed themselves or do the things that you would help a physically handicapped person with, but you can at least easily converse with a physically handicapped person. (this depends on the mental handicap of course; I am assuming both to be severe handicaps).

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