A Short Circuit In The Connection

Dec 12, 2011 by

In a variety of our connections to one another we are failing. The failure to connect is the cause of all of our problems. We would not do anything adversarial to the good of the community if we all were connected. Call it enlightened self-interest or civic virtue but understand, without an absolute commitment to each other we will never change hearts and minds towards a community based on virtue. Since a democracy cannot exist without a virtuous citizenry we must not, and cannot fail.

Lacking connection to our elected officials is a fundamental problem in our democracy. A significant portion of our politicians speak as if they are programmed instead of being genuine with concern for us. They give us the least amount of effort required to be elected. Even some, but not all, who reiterate the principles of our nation, say it as though they were rehearsed and have no connection to the words they speak. A true statesman reaches people because they are part of “We the People” and convey that message with sincerity.

Civility in our daily actions is becoming scarce. We half-heartedly hold the door open as a limited courtesy. We cannot wait for the next green light so we run the red totally disregarding the safety of those around us. How many parking places do we really need to take? Cannot we share? When we have reached a phone number in error we simply hang up instead of apologizing for the common error. Why is it that people cannot wait till we have finished our sentence or task before interrupting? Is thank you and please so hard to say? The obligatory “how’s it going”, and “have a great day”, is so painful to hear that people are starting not to respond. When we do respond to the polite mechanical droning is there anybody listening?

The most sincere connection we are failing resounds at the deepest level, love. The most personal devotion to an individual is shown in the act of making love. To make love calls for two equal participants to form the most intimate connection they can express for each other. You are forming a bond. We no longer make love in our most intimate setting with our spouse, we have sex. When is the last time you have heard it referred to as making love and not having sex? It has lost its place in our hearts and gained a place in our routine of stuff to do.  “Having it”, sex, reduces it to a possessive act, not a bond of mutual respect and closeness. To “have sex” equates that most intimate expression of love to the pedestrian act of making a sandwich to satisfy hunger.

Not all of society is devoid of connection, but far too many are. We will never solve the issues we are having in the United States if we cannot solve the root cause of our problems. To solve this problem is easy. Simply make the choice to connect.  It is not difficult. It is much more rewarding. Try devoting time to charitable causes. Do something genuine for someone to show you care without being asked. Tell those around you that you appreciate them instead of taking them for granted. Look around; there are some awesome expressions of respect and love for one another. Take time to notice them and say a few kind words about their efforts. If we do not start acknowledging the wonderful spirit that we have it may become too late. Being connected is the foundation for changing the hearts and minds, collaboration and compromise, and solving problems for the greater good.

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  1. I have found that the simplest way to make a connection is to smile at someone. I make a point to smile at people and it is rare that I don’t get a smile back. It’s a small connection, but it makes one’s day that much better.

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