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Civility is action concerned with the refinement of the community. One who acts with civility is polite in speech and action but never willing to compromise on principles. The civilized person does not desire to trample the rights of others granted by God but is vigilant against the usurping of rights, and the abuse of constituted powers by the peoples’ representatives. Civility is perceived as weak because reasonable action is thought to give way to compromising principles, it does not. When confronted with injustice, civility commands swift action.

When Congress legislates away your rights, vote them out of office.

When the President does not preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, vote him out of office.

When the businesses you patronize do not give you good service and quality products, find those businesses that will.

When your friends are not wiling to tell you the truth when it needs to be said, get new friends.

When you choose to act unreasonably, be strong, change your character, and choose to act reasonably.

When you make an excuse, own up to your action, and rectify the mistake.

When respect is deserved, be willing to give respect.

When you witness excellence be willing to give recognition to the person exhibiting it.

When you witness injustice, provide justice.

When someone is in need of help, help him or her.

When you act only out of self-interest to the detriment of the community remember that when enlightened self-interest is pursued the community prospers.

The refinement of the community is up to you!


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