Communist Principles Can Work in a Democracy!

Jun 28, 2012 by

One of the main goals of communism is to place all able bodied citizens in a productive job. That is a much better goal than socialism’s goal of re-distribution of wealth. Think about the benefits of implementing this communist goal. There would be no or very little welfare. Welfare would be for those who could not do any work. Basically those people who are in a coma are incapable of being productive. Who can say that Steven Hawking is not a productive member of society? All those now on welfare could be required to assist in keeping up the infrastructure of our society (no more graffiti or poor roads), work in agriculture (end hunger), child development (taking care of single mother’s children while they are at work), work in construction (no more homelessness), and a variety of other productive jobs.

Who would have thought that Karl Marx would have the answer to our problems of welfare and unemployment? The beauty of the plan is that we would not need to raise taxes. We are already paying these people. The goal of any economic system is efficiency, which leads to productivity. Let us give them their dignity back and help them be productive members of their society.


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  1. joeltaylor1989

    The sentiment is all well and good, but the problem is giving them this utopia world. How do you decide who gets what job and ensure that all able bodied people are in a productive job?

  2. Vince Giglio

    The areas of work I mention are all productive. As in any job market, positions are filled with those who are qualified. Even a person with no technical skills can perform simple tasks such as cleaning. This is not utopia, but reality.

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