Continuing the Revolution- Part One

Jul 24, 2011 by

When “The People” of our great country opened their minds to an enlightened understanding that by nature we are equal and free to self-govern, they also realized that we have the capacity to be reasonable (logic and/or enlightened self-interest) and unreasonable (passion and/or self-interest) in our actions therefore capable of the greatest good and the greatest evil. They fought this revolution of ideas with body and soul. They were not perfect and we are not perfect. We do not need another revolution just to be vigilant in continuing the first. The principles are sound and worthy of continuing the fight. As President Kennedy stated in his inaugural address “we are the heirs” to the revolution and the best way we can move forward is through reasoned national discourse resulting in united selfless action for the good of the community. To be vigilant we must first use a discourse that is inclusive not divisive and second return to reason/enlightened self-interest not passion/self-interest to motivate our actions.
When the Founding Fathers wrote the inspired words of the Declaration of Independence, our principles, and the Constitution, the structure entrusted to protect those principles, it was for “The people” (“one people“, “the good people” Declaration of Independence, “We the People” The Constitution). There is not one mention of democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, or political parties. Yet today those are the only way we are identified, categorized, and herded in our public discourse. I believe this is destroying the individual connection we have with the rights and duties of civil society. We are the people and these unalienable rights and duties are exercised individually. In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson made it very clear that rights are individual, they are bestowed on us from God, and governments’ duty is to protect them. “The People” consented and accepted those principles when our delegates to the convention of our founding document signed it. Any attempt to undermine “The People” can never lead to “The Good” of civil society and will only separate, confuse, and ultimately pit us against one another. So let us break the chains of this despotism eliminating divisive language, and start to invigorate the public discourse anew with inclusive language.
Let us return to identifying ourselves as “The People” so that we can remain individuals and be equal members of one common all inclusive human race. Only when we have a common bond and are connected can we begin to work for the good of the community. It seems plausible that any other language would be an attempt to destroy individual ownership of our rights and be used to separate, confuse, and ultimately pit us against one another. Let us not be “split asunder” as President Kennedy feared would happen if we forgot that united WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

Vince Giglio

Next Week Part Two- A Return to Reason

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