Is It Reasonable? #1

Aug 4, 2011 by

1. Is it reasonable to spend your way into debt?

2. Is it reasonable to expect monetary compensation based on effort, expertise, and performance?

3. Is it reasonable to remember the lessons of history?

4. Is it reasonable to drive a 4,000 pound car while on the phone or texting?

5. Is it reasonable to have to make a law concerning #4?

Alright thinkers, give me your best thoughts.

Vince Giglio



  1. Tim Albrecht

    I love the quote by Hamilton. It is very true.

    My answers to your questions.

    1. Not Reasonable
    2. Reasonable
    3. Reasonable, but incomplete. It is not enough just to remember history, we also must learn from them.
    4. Not Reasonable
    5. Partly Reasonable. #4 does seam like common sense to some, but there is an old saying, “Common Sense isn’t common.” Since not everyone understands why #4 is unreasonable it is reasonable to have a law.”

  2. Gerber

    I think that the problem with questions four and five is that they are situational. It is not Reasonable to text or call while driving under normal circumstances. That I am sure of. But the problem with making a law is: What about times where the person is pulling off the road but knows he needs to answer the call so answers before he is off? What about calling 911? What about when you get a call from your grandmother as you are driving to be with her on her deathbed. The problem with a law is the freak scenarios. But, the problem with not having a law is that people seem to not be reasonable enough to not text or call while driving in normal circumstances. Driving is a privilege because of the dangers driving a car posses. One does not have to drive. Thus, in the end, I must say the law is reasonable, though I say this with much reluctance.

  3. Vince Giglio

    What call can be more important than your immediate safety and of those around you? Would you be calling 911 to report your impending crash because your urgent phone call took precedence? I think pulling over, parking and answering or returning the call would be the reasonable course of action. You are correct that people can make unreasonable decisions. Education is the way to correct the problem. No law ever taught people to be reasonable.

  4. Gerber

    But if, as you say, there is no scenario in which someone can reasonably talk on the phone, why should it be legal? If it is impossible for you to talk on the phone while in a moving car without endangering those around you, how does this not qualify for a law. It is like shouting fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. It is not that the action harms someone in and of itself, but there is no reasonable way to do it and it endangers the people around you. That is why there should be a law, not to teach you, but to stop the endangerment of others.

  5. Vince Giglio

    Talking on the phone while driving is unreasonable. To command a 4,000 pound machine at a high rate of speed capable of considerable destruction and possible death is a very serious matter that requires complete attention. Don’t you think so? Therefore, no law is required because common sense should stop you from doing any action that puts the public safety in jeopardy. Does the speed limit deter anybody from doing 80 on the freeway? Does anybody do 60 to 65 on the freeway? I think those who use reason do. The principle that the good of the many outweighs the good of the one is simple. Ask any five year old. Education starts at the point that you are willing to learn for the sake of improvement. To understand danger is a basic component of instinct aiding intelligence. Does anyone believe you can’t act rightly unless you fear outside forces like the law? Are we not a society of reasonable people?

  6. christopher

    I believe it is reasonable to remember history lessons because those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. In order for humanity to thrive as a species, we must learn from the mistakes our ancestors made.

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