Is It Reasonable? #3

Aug 24, 2011 by

1. Is it reasonable to assess learning through standardized testing?

2. Is it reasonable to equate the accumulation of wealth with success?

3. Is it reasonable to expect the wearing of a uniform to control behavior?

What say you?

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  1. Gerber

    The problem with standardizing testing is that it limits the field of study that teachers teach only what is on the test. This, will boost their test scores, or so they think,so as it seems as though they are teaching a lot. However, this diminishes on the amount of things that they actually learn. When I took the A.P. European class in High School, I remember that the A.P. book had nothing from before the Renaissance on the history of Europe. So, the Renaissance, the period of “Re-birth” of Greek and Roman ideas, was trying to be taught without knowing any Greek and Roman ideas. I can’t imagine why people would not understand that period in time. Every Historian says that Western History is based in Greece and Rome. Why not have that be on the test? Because tests are exclusive to certain information. They, by their very nature, test only your memory, not your understanding. Thus, assessment tests are unreasonable because they do not really assess your understanding but you memory and they limit your knowledge.

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