Is It Reasonable? #6

Sep 29, 2011 by

Is it reasonable to make an obscene amount of profit?

Is it reasonable to enact policies that are based on conformity and expect individuality and creativity to flourish?

Is it reasonable to hold a grudge?

Is it reasonable to ignore a law instead of amend it or remove it?

Is it reasonable to donate money to charities that use professional fund raising organizations which may keep up to 90% of the donation for “administrative costs”?

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  1. Lot

    1. If it’s not for shelter, food, and education, there’s no reason to have it. Why keep it and risk getting attached to something that can be bought by money? Those things are just distractions. The unfortunate should be given this money so that they too may fulfill the educational requirements and we can have people running for office that have actually experienced necessity and anguish first hand. We can learn a lot from them such as the valuable lesson of not becoming attached towards worldly possessions.

    2. Not reasonable at all. It’s counter intuitive.

    3. The maintenance of hostile feelings are passion based and act as a roadblock for further advancements in the developing of a bad situation into something that may manageable.

    4. To create something that serves no purpose is a waste of resources and time. This lack of responsibility to finish what one has started does not demonstrate good leadership. If laws are made just to serve a specific party’s agenda and are then cast aside and ignored then they can’t be called laws.

    5. No. Anyone willing to make a profit from the necessity of unfortunate individuals does not have their heads in the right place and are in the wrong line of work. How we treat our fellow man must never become subject to a matter of money.

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