Is It Reasonable? #8

Oct 13, 2011 by

Is it reasonable to continually press the walk button at the crosswalk and expect the signal to cycle faster with each push?

Is it reasonable to walk around in public in your pajamas?

Is it reasonable to walk around in public with your underwear showing because your pants are below your waste barely being held up by the fingertips of one hand?

Is it reasonable to use the crosswalk in safety and not be afraid of being run over by drivers trying to beat the red light?

Is it reasonable to stop on the red and avoid running down a pedestrian?

What Say You?

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  1. Bloby

    While it SHOULD be agreed upon that things are obviously unreasonable (Walking in pajamas, underwear showing) and at least one IS in fact reasonable (stopping at the red light), the two points that catch my attention the most are the statements about pressing the walk button and using the crosswalk safely.
    The later is of interest because of the irony of it, that is, while it should be safe to cross the crosswalk without fear of being hit by a car, it nearly isn’t any safer at all. While the crosswalk does not fail at its duty, we as people fail to make the right decisions by either wanting to be the red light while driving the car, or not using the crosswalk correctly when we decide to use the cross walk. The result is that the crosswalk is not a safer environment in which to cross the street, and it is now forced upon the civilian to take the extra responsibility to either watch for cars when crossing, or watch for people when driving.
    In reference to the button pressing, one might argue that it is merely a psychological response to waiting: in order to pass the time, we press the button, which in our minds makes the light change faster. No harm done, but the fact a person NEEDS the light to go faster is something of concern. If we are so consumed with getting across the street that we instantly respond to such situations with unreasonable actions, that speaks a great deal to how the minds of this generation are geared. We are willing to choose what seems like an expedient action in order to grant ourselves the illusion of a progressive action, even when in truth it is neither. This mentality is simply regressive, and would lead to further unreasonable choices and poor decisions that could actually harm society.

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