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Jul 31, 2012 by

I purchased a pencil sharpener from a well-known office/school supply store yesterday and read the easy operating instructions. I learned the basics of proper pencil insertion and the following:

* “Use only wooden pencils.” (I guess you need a special sharpener for hardened steel pencils.)

* “Refrain from inserting hard materials such as pens, chalk, crayons or anything which will damage or clog the cutter blades.” (I guess that is why they call it a pencil sharpener.)

* “For indoor use only” (There goes sharpening pencils on my camping trip.)

* “Do not use the product if the electrical cord is damaged.” (If you hold the wires together, I guess it would be acceptable.)

* “DO NOT immerse the unit in water while cleaning.” (They forgot not to use it in the bath or shower.)

* “Never insert hand or finger while operating.” (How would you fit your hand into that little opening?)

The instructions are obviously written for twos and threes. (see “To Form a More Perfect Country?”)

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  1. Anonymous

    When I was little, I tried putting a crayon in the pencil sharpener. It seemed reasonable at the time, because I knew that crayons could be sharpened, but I got in trouble when my mom found out. I think most people who use pencil sharpeners are children, many adults write with pen or mechanical pencils.

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