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I was watching a game show with my wife and mother and the question was asked, “who are the most influential people in history”? The top five responses were Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Benjamin Franklin, and Jesus. Here are my top five and why. Number one would be Jesus. Even if you do not believe Jesus was the son of God, his presence and teachings on earth gave us the supreme example of what is possible in human excellence. Second, the philosopher Aristotle whose insight into mans’ nature and virtue is unparalleled. Third, George Washington who had the courage to lead us in the American Revolution and relinquish power, political wisdom to preside over the Constitutional Convention that formed a government of the people, and the character as President to shape a new nation dedicated to self-government. Fourth, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi who provided a modern day example of non-violent resistance to tyranny, compassion and service to others.  Fifth, Martin Luther King Jr. who continued the work of the preceding four. What are your top five and why?


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  1. Lockhaven

    The most influential person in history….. has not happened yet. Our years and years of struggle, I believe, is being driven down an inevitable path of reunion and acceptance that humans are built to serve a good outside of themselves. Unless we all die off from a giant space rock hurling towards the Earth or a plague picking us all off…. the inevitable result of the equation we call History is that we will become reconnected with ourselves; we will stop fighting ourselves. When we accept our role in the community and the role of self-responsibility, that is when we will come across the path of excellence at long last. History will end and the Future will begin. The most important person FOR History is the hidden talent each individual possesses, it is the goal our very nature directs us towards: maximum epitome of human excellence that every human is capable of achieving, the true human. Suffering is a result of our nature tugging us back into aiming for that goal.

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