Quick Thoughts: Where have all the great people gone?

May 15, 2012 by

When was the last time an American has changed America for the better? Can anyone name an individual that has accomplished this since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? It is possible to make the case for a few individuals who have brought temporary change, good and bad, but not the critical change necessary to further the cause of Liberty. Why has no person emerged from society to further the cause of Liberty?

1. Poor system of education- We are taught to read, the rest is up to us.

2. Complacency- We can be motivated to make money, expand technology, better our bodies, and anything else we want.

3. Prohibitive societal structures- We have the protections of the First Amendment.

4. Replacement of value for virtue- We have a brain to think, and act rightly.

5. Consumerism- We have the ability to satisfy all human needs.

6. Some of the above.

7. All of the above.

8. None of the above.

9. Something else?

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  1. That One Guy

    I think the reason is that we are prohibited by our Social Structures. While we may have the protections of the first Ammendment, that does not protect us from the slings and arrows of all that society can throw at us. Certain sacrifices must be made in order to further the cause of liberty, yet, since we were kids, it seems as though society has implanted this idea in our heads that you should only do what is expected of you. You should not act in a way that contradicts the wishes of society. Think of the consequences of speaking up for what is right as akin to the snitch on a elementary school play ground. The snitch tells on a couple of kids who are picking on a student. Suddenly, the other kids all stop talking to him and don’t want to be near him. The snitch feels shunned and alone, and all the other kids see the misery he is in. They all see that snitching may not cause you to get into trouble with the teachers, but you will be shunned by the other kids on the playground. So too with society. Anyone who speaks up for the case of individuality and liberty will be shot down, not through laws but through a social climate that tries to expell them from interaction with others.

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