Safety Laws Create Unsafe People

Aug 22, 2011 by

Imagine you have a healthy and appropriate fear of danger. You understand that in every action there is a certain amount of danger. You live your life accordingly, taking a minimum of unnecessary risks. Acting on too many high risk thoughts could very well have you ending up severely injured or dead. Is this a reasonable line of thinking? I think it is. Now, let us say the neighbor kid, Bob,  has never had any guidance in this type of reasoning and sets out on his bicycle at a high rate of speed for a twelve year old, crashes and severely injures himself. The first course of action is that Bob’s parent file a lawsuit against anyone connected with their city. The response by the state legislature is to make a law requiring safety equipment to be worn thus saving the day by preventing another tragedy. What is the real tragedy? Is it possible that Bob’s parents never educated him on the dangers of reckless or unsafe bicycle operation? This I believe is the real tragedy, because it would have solved the problem. Bob would have thought about the consequences and made an educated choice and acted on the side of caution, thus creating a life-long survival skill. But, now that the legislature has made a safety law Bob will undoubtedly heal and strap on his safety gear, which will give him a feeling of false security, so he can push the envelope even more. I hope Bob’s parents have good insurance. The more we are limited by laws, the greater chance we have to loose our reasoning skills. Could another result be that some people would even feel trapped by the law and purposely defy its edict. We do this all the time. Instead of changing the law, we simply ignore it. Every aspect of life can’t be managed by law without it having severe impact on our ability to self-govern by making reasoned choices.

It can become an epidemic. Do we need a label on any electric item warning us not to use them near water.? I have no idea why we should not put the plastic supermarket bag over our heads. Is a rotating electric circular saw really not supposed to have my hand near it? Are the sparks coming off it as it cuts through metal really dangerous for my eyes? Thank God for all those warning labels or I would be without fingers, blind, and in a coma!

If we need all those warning labels and laws, is there really any hope for us? I do not believe we can legislate enough safety laws, nor should we try, to keep unreasonable people from harming themselves, and others.  The best hope for a safe society is a well educated society. True education is aiding people in the cultivation of reasoning. Do that and you will have one safe society.

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  1. Athena

    I think the true tragedy is that we even think of the government in issues like this. Just put our troubles in the arms of mother government to take care of us!

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