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Social media is an interesting place. It is a convenient venue to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. It takes the place of snail mail, and saves the cost of a 49 cent stamp. Unfortunately because it is instantaneous it creates a problem that snail mail usually prevented, instant stupidity. When writing a letter, the archaic way, it gave the author plenty of time to revise and even trash it. In the time that it takes to address the envelope, seal it, place a stamp on it, and walk to the mailbox there is a period of thoughtful reflection. This serves as an intermediate step to discover a mistake that could have unintended consequences, or just to realize plain stupidity. Instant social communication lacks this period of insight.


I have on occasion faced this problem, and been horrified to know that there was nothing I could do to correct my mistake. Hit that little rectangular button and it is all over! Even the best apologies don’t help the feeling of shame. It is something that you have to live with. That is why I don’t understand people who intentionally, and yes it is intentional, make fools of themselves, and others with content best left not said, shown, or kept private. Is there no shame? If you answer yes, why? Is there a badge of honor society has now attached to this type of action? We seek honor as a sign of worth. Has worth lost its meaning? Isn’t worth a form of excellent performance?


Some of the posts I have seen leave a bad impression that is hard to ignore or forget. I am not sure why someone would want to do that. If there is an answer, I would like to understand it.



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  1. Nawk

    To those whose only guidance to action are the encouragement and acceptance of those whom they have acquainted themselves with, as well as their unreasoned passions, there is no pursuit of honor of the self.

    Social media can either be used as a tool for communication, or as a place to hide in and from one’s own fear and insecurities.

    You observe the evils of succumbing to fear, hopelessness, and confusion. Thoughtless action. The actions of an animal, of a human who has forsaken his own humanity because the responsibility is a heavy burden.

    The dead husks of human bodies walk among us.
    Within, a pained soul waiting to die.

  2. Gerber

    Is it that society has changed, or is it the manner in which society presents itself has changed? Is there any difference between the fool who posts stupidity on the internet and the fool who does acts out his stupidity in public? They are the same fool, only in different contexts. Much like an engine in a car and an engine in a boat are both engines, and could theoretically power each other, the fool of old and the fool of today are the same person. The difference is that now, instead of meeting in person, we meet on social media. Posts are not the equivalent of snail mail, but talking to someone in person.

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