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“What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue.” Thomas Paine

The average person is so accustomed to paying taxes that it becomes commonplace and accepted. This is an attempt to enlighten the sleeping patriots of this country to what Thomas Paine, and I, believe is plunder. Since I live in Southern California I will use an average monthly income and tax. It is by no means definitive, because both income and taxes can be increased or decreased depending on the individual.

Payroll Taxes per Month (yearly salary $48,000, $4,000 per month)
Federal Income Tax $351.18
State Income Tax $67.46
Social Security Tax $238.92
Medicare Tax $55.88
CA SUI/SDI Tax $38.54
Total $751.98
“Did you ever notice that when you put the words “The” and “IRS” together, it spells THEIRS?” Author Unknown

Taxes, Surcharges, Fees, Funds, User Fees, Other Charges

Delivered Bottle Water/Beverage CRV
CA Redemption Charge CRV $1.75
Oil/Fuel Surcharge $2.92
Sales Tax $1.39
Total $6.06

AT and T Telephone/Internet
CA County District Sales Tax $.03
CA County Sales Tax $.06
CA State Sales Tax $.39
CA State Emergency Telephone Users (911) Tax $.15
CA Advanced Services Fund $.01
CA CHCF A? $.05
CA CHCF B? $.03
CA Relay Service Devise Fund $.02
CA Teleconnect Fund $.06
CA Universal Lifeline $.13
Federal Universal Services Charge $4.10
CA Local Utility Users Tax $2.19
Total $7.22

Cable Television
Broadcast TV Surcharge $1.58
FCC Admin Fee $.08
Franchise Fee $4.52
Municipal PEG Access Fees $.87
Federal Excise Tax $.20
Local Utility Users Tax $1.02
End User Common? $6.50
Federal Universal Service Fund $2.34
Regulatory Cost Fee $.33
CA Advanced Services Fund Surcharge $.02
Universal Lifeline Tele Svc Surcharge $.18
California Teleconnect Fund Surcharge $.01
State PUC Fee $.03
State E911 Surcharge $.01
CA Relay Svc & Com Dev Fund Surcharge $.03
CA High Cost Fund-b Surcharge $.05
Sate E911 Surcharge .09
Total $17.86

The Gas Company
State Regulatory Fee $.06
Public Purposes Surcharge $7.93
City Users Tax $5.61
Total $13.60

Public Utilities
(water, electricity, trash, sewer)
Charges (other than water consumption)? $13.99
Charges (other than electricity consumption)? $8.06
Reliability Charge $10.00
State Energy $.11
Sewer PB Charge $.05
Electricity PB Charge $1.75
Utilities User Tax $5.26
Water Conservation and Reclamation Surcharge $.29
Total $39.51

Operation of Automobile
DMV Registration Fee $69.00/12 $5.75
DMV License Fee $47.00/12 $3.92
DMV County/District Fees $11.00/12 $.92
DMV Smog Check/Certificate $30.00
New Tires (4) State Tire Disposal Fee $14.00
Oil Change Oil Disposal Fee ($4.50×5/12) $1.88
Parking Meters $8.00 per day $160.00
Gas Tax Federal $.184 per gallon (60 gallons) $11.04
Gas Tax State $.36 per gallon (60 gallons) $21.60
Fast Track/Tolls Monday through Friday $124.80
Total $373.91

Property Tax
8% CA average $2,618. per year/12 $218.16

Sales Tax
8% on $1,000.00 of monthly purchases $80.00

10 Letters and or Bills Mailed @$.46 $4.60

Per Month Tax Grand Total

Thirty-eight percent (38%, $1,512.90) of the gross income ($4,000.00) “plundered” for taxes. Is it all needed to pay for the “public good”?



  1. Heather

    This is really eye-opening. It’s easy to forget how much we’re really paying in taxes because there are so many ways to be taxed.

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