The Wisdom To Lead

Nov 20, 2011 by

We have strayed from a nation dedicated to electing the most wise leader to the presidency, to a nation that values youth and image in our highest office. Being young is not a skill for a person who has the responsibility of keeping the nation secure and prosperous. There is no virtue in being young. Wisdom on the other hand is a virtue vital to this task. Wisdom is the ability to make right use of knowledge. The right use of knowledge will lead to security and prosperity.

Knowledge is gained by participation and observation of events and outcomes. These events make up experience. The more life lived well, the more experience earned. It is also important to have an open heart and mind to receive the fullest understanding of the experience. We cannot experience everything but we can use reason to fill in the gaps.

The image of wisdom has become acceptable. I believe it has become acceptable because a significant portion of the nation has lost faith in self-government being able to produce wise leadership. We have chosen a facade of wisdom by accepting the idea of  any “change” as wise action. We are sold “change” by the image of youth which is more aesthetically pleasing, electing leaders that will placate us by failing to provide meaningful direction, inspiration, and a sense of purpose. Ultimately, we have to sedate ourselves from the truth with self-aggrandizement.

It is time to rekindle faith in self-government. It is time for each of us to be leaders, step forward and be faithful to the idea that we are capable of self-government. President Ronald Reagan left us these words about his faith in us: “I know in my heart that man is good that what is right will always eventually triumph and there is a purpose and worth to each and every life.” Who has the wisdom to lead us now?

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  1. Gerber

    Let me challenge you on this. Is it that our nation value’s a facade of Wisdom, or that our nation’s standard of wisdom has lowered? Washington, Jefferson, and Madison were the wise leaders of their time, but the majority of the nation was self-governing back then, so their wisdom was great knowledge combined with principles. Now our nation has slowly lost principles. Thus, knowledge is now combined with nothing. That is how three people can determine four different solutions to the same problem with the same amount of facts in this nation. We have no standard anymore. And, are we so much sold on “change” as being wise, or are we sold on “change” as being better than our current state? I think we acknowledge there is a best solution, but are never sure as to which direction to go. It goes back to knowledge without principles. Imagine if you went on a game show and there was a game that you won money by sticking your hand out, spinning in circles and stopping on the money amount you want to win. If this game allowed you to keep your eyes open, you would know when to stop changing your direction. But, if you kept your eyes closed, like knowledge without principles, you would never stop changing, always afraid that WHEN you STOP CHANGING direction, you will LOSE because you chose wrongly. You would not think that constantly changing will always be better, you are just too afraid to commit to a choice.

  2. Vince Giglio

    We are still self-governing, able to make correct choices, and know right from wrong. But all those things take effort, dedication and the ability to render a correct result or remedy. Is it fear of failure because we have been told not to judge in order to preserve self-esteem? Is it complacency that forms from the constrictions of “modern life” which kills our natural tendency to excel beyond the ordinary? Is it easier to create a false reality than to continue the good fight when there is no perceived reasonable hope for success? The only difference between us and the Founding Fathers is that they were hungry for the freedom to pursue happiness the ultimate expression of being excellent. “Give me liberty or give me death.” We are “happy” with our two-story house, Monday night football, big screen TV, and beer in the fridge. I have to go the game is on!

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