Human Connection: Virtuous Happiness

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Happiness; a term that has been made destructively synonymous with Instant Gratification and has lost its meaning over the course of human history. It has been an aim for which many have strived.


One who cannot make the distinction between Happiness and Instant Gratification cannot make the distinction between Virtue and Vice, a deeply engrained defect within our modern society. It is reasonable to seek survival, and to that extent it is reasonable to desire those things that ensure our livelihood. But beyond that, what we want, we must earn, and what we want must be for the good of the Whole. We must be willing to make compromises for the things we desire, but never compromise our Virtues and Principles. If you have to hurt someone to acquire something, it is not worth acquiring because its worth is tainted with the blood of Man. Why would anyone want something that has the potential to cause pain, destruction, despair, fear, death? Those who pursue superiority and power over others are chasing an illusion that will eventually lead them and their followers off an edge. There is no man that can be better than another man. Those who believe that they can be better than other people must also subject themselves to the belief that other people can be better than them…

 Society dangles Pleasure in front of our faces like meat to a pack of wolves.

 The media is filled with cowards who attempt to justify their own pleasure seeking agendas by intimidating the masses with the imposing demand to conform. It intimidates people into thinking they are not good enough the way they are. Our ability to collect and gather information is as powerful as it has ever been in our modern world and yet, to a great misfortune, people use it for the most animalistic purposes such as the viewing of pornography or other methods of distributing material which tarnishes the dignity of a human being. The body is idolized and the beauty of the mind is cast aside. Humanity MUST understand that technology does not make us civil; science does not make us civil, because all of these great tools can turn to weapons in the hands of a murderer. The things that make us civil are our Dignity, Virtue, and Goodness. People fear extending a helping hand to a fellow person in need, but we must never hesitate to Love our enemies. Hate does not save the world; it is like a rotting carcass to vultures. Vengeance and Hypocrisy are as harlots that offer pleasure at the cost of our dignity. It is only logical that pain leads to more pain and many people cause pain because they desperately attempt to secure their own safety. But “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.”


“Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.”

Experiencing pain is not something we should fear because that fear can be used to manipulate us. We must allow ourselves to be open and honest with other people because only when we open our hearts to the needs (not desires!) of others, can we make any real progress. It is only when we take those necessary (not impulse driven!) steps that we are on our way to make a difference, to turn a heart away from destruction. To give wholly of yourself in endless servitude to your fellow man and to do so without any expectations of the favor returned is what it means to be CONNECTED, to be human. To understand the issues and formulate long-term solutions even when people may despise you for it, to stand between a bully and his victim; to carry out justice when there is none, to overcome your own desires, and to stand up for righteousness even if you’re the only one are the ways in which we can effectively bear the weight of the world on our shoulders. But no matter how much of an intellectual you are or how skillfully you use your resources, one person cannot change the world alone. Rather than seeing Happiness as a goal, we must simply acknowledge it as a side effect to proper and virtuous action. We must allow ourselves to place our pride aside and hear the voices of those not so fortunate, because when the healing of the world is our motivation, when we have Faith that people and society can get better and that justice and kindness will prevail no matter what the opposing force, we can move mountains.

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