An Outdated System Part I

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A foreword for you who are teachers; I have an understanding of the regulations and restrictions that you must abide by and follow in your careers if you are not to be fired. For those of you teachers who try to make something significant and important out of what you do; all the while abiding by these limitations, you have my personal gratitude and respect. Continue to be as awesome as you are, and may my generation at least touch upon the sensation of what it is like to think because they were taught by people like you. Thank you.

The following text will be divided into parts. With each part, I will progress my idea further about the subject of our modern schooling system, the relevance it holds with all other systems today (mainly jobs and occupations, which is the main point of modern schooling). Further than that, I will just have to see.

Firstly, I will discuss the ideals that I believe many people would agree with – which is what the ultimate goal of “Schooling” and “Education” is.

As a student for more than ten years, I believe I have the credibility necessary to present an idea that I think many students would agree with. Since I have left infancy and have gone into the age of adolescence, I have been exposed to the first concept I will explain here. What is a grade? By what means can one achieve the highest grade possible?

This is the main concept that I have taken away from schooling; a concept that has been ingrained into my brain; that of the Almighty “A”. This is also the main means of communication between a student’s parents and the school at which the student attends. The most important thing that most parents then become concerned about is not what their child is learning in school, but what grade their child holds in the place of schooling. I have spoken with several teachers, and every one of them, without exception, complied with this idea. If ever one of these teachers must speak with a parent concerning their child’s academic performance in school, one of the first questions that comes from the parent goes along the lines of “What is my child’s grade right now?”

It comes then as no surprise that the students themselves shift their mentalities very quickly from “What interesting and new thing can I learn today?” to “What is the most expedient way that I can achieve an A?” One reason being that the grade is what takes most priority among their parents, another being that nothing they “learn” interests them, makes them think, or is any information that benefits them and helps them become better people. It is then certainly not the students’ faults that they have lost sight of what is really most important in a place of “education”; because they cannot choose what they would like to learn. Instead, what they end up learning is a list of subjects and standards for them that have been compiled by a group of cubicle hamsters (Department of Education) in some office building who must believe that these students are so stupid that they cannot decide for themselves what they want to learn, and so take the self-imposed liberty of laying out the lines, mapping the boundaries, and hammering in the rules and regulations that everyone must follow; allowing very limited freedom, discouraging any sort of thinking (aside from the short-term memorization skills that their idea of “school” is composed solely of), and all the while training all of these good people to become people of expedience and mediocrity; fulfilling the bare necessities of the task at hand and nothing more.

The “education” system that is in place is a system optimized for only one thing to excel at. Not humans, No. The system is best optimized for robots. They do not become bored and they have perfect memory and can be programmed to expel its available information in any way you would like it to with no human flaws, including human error, tiredness, boredom, disobedience and attitude. With the study of robotic humanoids becoming increasingly popular, developing technology, more advanced computers, and a fast developing study of programming (including synthetic logic intended to mimic that of a human’s), it is not such an absurd idea that one could send a humanoid robot to school and have it do perfectly in the system it was programmed for.

The robot is the utmost perfect tool for school. It extracts A’s from all of its classes far better than any human could, does not need to socialize and therefore gives its teacher absolutely no trouble in a class session as far as noise goes, and does not need to be taught and so does not need to take up any of the teacher’s time or attention, for it contains all the information necessary to complete the entire course. The robot fulfills everything that is important to “education”.

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