The Apple of Knowledge

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Imagine you are sitting at a corner coffee  house in New York at 8:00 am, you are just sipping your coffee and  relaxing while you watch the world go by. As you start seeing all these people it becomes a blur. Everything becomes the same you start to notice that the people are all the same. They are all in a hurry and impatient, as most New Yorkers going to work are in the morning, but you notice something else. You notice that people are all on some sort of device weather it be a phone or iPod, they all seem to be in a different world by themselves.

Technology today has consumed us. In More and more places there is less face to face conversation and everything becomes animated. But have you ever thought about the responsibility that comes with this technology? I know I have not. I just did what I needed and never thought about how this device could change my world in a minute. Have you ever thought why an apple device was called apple? Why did Steve jobs choose an apple? I mean the android company choose to make their own little robot as their symbol, why did Steve jobs choose a bitten apple?

Most people would not know this but Steve jobs was a religious person. He was in a few different religions through those religions he knew that you are responsible for your own actions. That’s why he picked the eaten apple. Like Adam and Eve, we all have a choice. We have the choice to choose good or to choose evil. Steve jobs showed this through having the prefix “I” in front of everything because it’s to say that it’s all up to us. We have the choice of what to do with these devices.

As technology spreads you see it spreading in schools too.  The school I go to has recently gone to a technology based school. We all have iPads and do everything through this device it let’s us do anything we want. When I go to class I see so many students abusing the iPad; me included. I’m not innocent, I have played my share of games in class.  I have slacked big time. Teachers say that assignments are due by midnight and what am I doing? I’m up at 11 going oh shoot I have an hour to do this. Even though I have those moments I have 10 times more good ones. I never loose assignments, I can do homework anywhere I am at, I read a book whenever I want, and I can look something up quickly when I need too. Another example would be at work. I work as a medical assistant, and while I am at work an bored and have run out of things to do what do I find myself doing? I’m on Pinterest looking at random stuff when I could use to to learn more about my job or I could find something to do I mean there  is always something I could be doing other than wasting my time. Even at work though my phone comes in handy. When doctors don’t know the generic name for prescriptions what do I have to do? I have to go to Google and find out. Or when I don’t know the medical abbreviations doctors use on charts I use the phone to find out what it means and I’m learning for the next time.  The best example I can think of that happened at work was a deaf couple came in looking for help. I knew I could help them a little because I know the alphabet in sign language so I was spelling out sentences but it was hard for me to read what they were saying so I thought of the idea to just typing out what I would say and them type back on my phone with the response.

Technology and humans put together can accomplish the greatest good and the greatest evil. I can watch my Dr. Who episodes during my free time instead of doing homework, or I can do my homework and study when ever I have time. The apple is not just the “mascot” for apple. It is to remind us all of the uses it can have. We can do the greatest thing with our lives, or we can just pass through life doing barely anything.

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